Monday, 9 July 2012

Adventures in Malifaux - Lilith Crew

The bulk of my Lilith crew is now completed and ready to go. I've really enjoyed painting each of these guys and it's been a big change from the usual futuristic armour I'm used to. Lots of flesh and material as opposed to metal and guns.

It's been an adventure and I'm looking forward to venturing on to a more diverse range of models in the future. I wouldn't dare to suggest that they're at the standard I eventually hope to achieve but I certainly not unhappy with how they turned out. The ladies, in particular, were a joy to paint.

I pretty much followed the studio paint jobs for Lelu and Lilitu. I even had a go at the partially transparent look to Lilitu's clothing and I was surprised at how well it worked out. It's definitely something I'll try again in the future given the right model. I think Lilitu's my favourite model in the game right now.

And of course I couldn't finish without Lilith herself, supported by her cherub. Not the easiest model I've ever painted. Stockings don't have a mould line like armour does! Anyway, I'm still really pleased with her. The only slight disappointment is her face, which is partly my paint job and partly the fact that it's not the most detailed face a model ever had.

Aww, sweet.

In a kerb-crawling, face-eating sort of way.

So there you go. Hope you like the images. If you're interested in trying out Malifaux then Lilith's crew is really fun to play with.


  1. Really nice! You might drag me into this game yet just because of the cool looking models!

  2. Thanks. Not only are they cool, they each have their own set of quirky, and sometimes bizarre, rules!